Innovation@The Internet: Public Figure Prediction Tracking

Public figures often make exaggerated and absurd predictions but rarely are they called on their unprescient predictions that fail to come to fruition. Recently I read an article detailing the rise and proliferation of “fact checking” websites. Well what about a prediction tracking website? Should we not hold the feet of fear mongers and blowhards to the fire? I can’t help but laugh when I reflect on Paul Krugman’s assertion that the internet would come and go with little consequence or Al Gore’s claim that there would be no Arctic ice by 2014. But how many people are aware of these foolish and laughable predictions? Political fact checking is in vogue these days and prediction tracking is the next logical extension of political fact checking.

A prediction tracking website could profile public figures and track their false predictions. Rather than letting failed predictions be forgotten and relegated to the dust bin of history they should be exposed and the credibility of those who made them should be impugned. If a public figure is going to attempt to sway public opinion by fear mongering they should be held accountable when their predictions fail to materialize. Let us resolve to never forget the baseless lies and fear mongering of those with an agenda.


Innovation@: Biometric Employee Hand Washing Verification System

According to a study by Michigan State University only 5% of people wash their hands properly. Other studies have shown that 62% of restaurant workers don’t wash their hands after handling raw beef and hospital workers wash their hands as little as 30 percent of the time they interact with patients. This is a problem for all businesses but especially businesses in the food service and health care industries.

Currently there are a few companies that sell systems which allow employers to monitor their employee’s hand washing practices. One method of achieving this is with a wireless network that allows employee badges to wirelessly communicate with networked soap dispensers. Another way of tracking hand washing practices is with old fashioned video monitoring. Motion sensors activate cameras that send video to a company whose workers watch to see who’s washing their hands properly and who isn’t. This system offers employers an effective way of tracking employee hand washing compliance.

Both of these systems enable employers to effectively track employee hand washing compliance. But what if biometric cameras could more accurately track hand washing compliance at a lower cost? Biometric cameras could determine who did and who didn’t wash their hands and keep a record of it all. Blind spots could be programmed into the cameras so employee privacy could be protected. The camera’s software would be the most important aspect of these cameras but the exponential growth in technology makes such an idea possible in the future if not already achievable.


Innovation@Brawny: Sectionable Paper Towels

More often than not I find myself using only half a paper towel at a time. It’s 2014 and its time for some paper towel innovation. It’s time for sectionable paper towels. Each paper towel sheet could be divided into two or four perforated squares. When a whole sheet is not necessary a quarter or half could be used as needed. For those of us who don’t stock our kitchens with napkins, sectionable paper towels would provide the best of both worlds. The only question is what will it be called? Sectionable Paper towels? Napkins on a roll? Paper towel squares?


Innovation@Infinity Jars: Light Proof Vacuum Sealable Glass Hermetic Jars

Light proof vacuum sealable glass hermetic jars. The ultimate food storage innovation that hasn’t been invented yet.

Storing food in hermetically sealed glass jars is the healthiest and one of the most effective ways to store food. Glass jars do not impart any flavors or leech any chemicals into food like many plastic containers do. Hermetic glass jars provide air tight storage that keeps food fresh whether it’s stored in the pantry, refrigerator, or the freezer.

While hermetically sealed glass jars offer the healthiest option for storing food they do not preserve food as long and as fresh as a vacuum seal will. Because vacuum seals expel all air within the given container, food stays fresher and lasts longer than with any other method of storing food. So why not combine the best of both worlds? Why not have the quality of glass with the efficacy of a vacuum seal. The lids could be designed with connectors so you could plug your jar into an easy to use vacuum seal.

Lastly, ultraviolet glass could be used to protect the jars’ contents from damaging light.

Hermetic Glass Jar

Innovation@Drone Technology: Trespassing Deterrent Drone Swarms

As drone technology becomes more ubiquitous drone swarms will increasingly be called upon to carry out various tasks. One such use of drone swarms could be a trespassing deterrent system. Swarms of small airborne drones could meet and challenge intruders. The drones could be unarmed or armed with non-lethal measures such as pepper spray or possibly even tasers. Drone swarms could intercept trespassers, film their actions, and attempt to repel or disable said trespassers. Such systems would be useful in monitoring large areas of land too vast to secure with human supervision alone. Drone blimps tethered to the ground could provide real-time information that would alert the drones to the presence of any unauthorized visitors. In the event of an unauthorized visitor, drone swarms could then dispatched to challenge or simply observe the trespasser or trespassers. These drones could also be programmed to have varying degrees of autonomy depending on the needs of the user.

Drone swarms could be used to secure ranches, military installations, nature preserves, borders, estates, embassies, power plants, businesses, and private property in general. The exponential growth in computing power will make marketable drone swarm technology a reality in the very near future.

Innovation@InteraXon: Illuminated Pleasure Indicative Headband

Headband computing, while still in its infancy, is likely to become ubiquitous in the not too distant future. Headband computing may prove to be the precursor to brain-chip implants and conceivably will allow users to control their smart phones with their thoughts among other forthcoming applications.

Another conceivable application for headband computing would revolve around pleasures of the flesh. Imagine an illuminated headband computer that indicted moments of pleasure experienced by its wearer. Different degrees of illumination would signify different levels of pleasure. Intense moments of pleasure would be indicated by bright illumination of the headband. The changing levels of illumination would indicate to the user’s partner what actions the user enjoyed the most. This would be easier and perhaps even more enjoyable than vocalizing such information. To some this idea may sound absurd, ludicrous even. But I think an illuminated pleasure indicative headband would be a popular addition to the many adult toys already on the market.


Notable Innovation: Silver Barter Bags

Euro Pacific Precious Metals is now offering a 500 ounce bag of silver containing 500 freshly minted .999 silver half-ounce rounds. This new product offers many advantages over bags of junk silver and is certainly innovative.

Notable Innovation: High Rise Window Washing Robots

Swiss company Serbot AG has developed a robot that can clean the windows of high rise buildings.

Notable Innovation: The Powered Shop Chair

Notable Innovation: Heatsink Cookware