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Innovation@App Makers: Find Your Doppelgänger App

Today I was reading an article in the Daily Mail about two women who became best friends all because of their near identical looks and their one in a million chance encounter. Reading that article gave me the idea for an app that would match strangers with their undiscovered doppelgänger, where ever that person may reside.

Now this idea isn’t exactly new nor is it original; but it also doesn’t exactly exist.

Doing research for this article I found a plethora of links promoting a dubious and suspicious Facebook app that purports to find your celebrity doppelgänger. I also found a few articles referencing another doppelgänger app that was created for the purpose of marketing Coke Zero. It’s unclear if the Coke Zero app was ever actually functional but in theory it would analyze a database of people’s images to find look-a-likes. This Coke Zero doppelgänger app does not appear to be available any longer.

I think people would be interested in locating strangers that looked similar to themselves. I believe people are curious to see who out there shares their appearance and where they live.

Innovation@Shazam: Celebrity Voice Recognition App

One of my favorite and most used iPhone apps is Shazam. Being able to identify the name and artist of a song you don’t know is incredibly useful. But what about voices? Ever see a commercial or movie and recognize the actors voice but can’t put your finger on who it is? I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all been there, its annoying. So wouldn’t it be grand to have an app that could tell you Jeff Goldblum is the man telling you the wonders of Apple Computers? I imagine this would be a little more difficult than identifying a song but none the less entirely possible.

Innovation@The App Store: Drain Your Battery App

This app would appeal to anyone who may desire complete privacy while in possession of their iPhone. The only way to be guaranteed of privacy while you’re in possession of your iPhone is for the phone’s battery to be completely drained. Even if your iPhone is turned off, it still has a charge in the battery and can be used to pinpoint your location and listen to whatever is being said or done around it.

Innovation@Silicon Valley: Flashmob App

Imagine an app that allowed people to organize flash mobs and spontaneous gatherings of all kinds. An app where people could create, organize and find flash mobs. From dancing and zombies to revolutions and demonstrations. An app like this would have global appeal. It could be used for art, entertainment, parties, activism, protests, and could even used to generate business.