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Innovation@Taxi Cab Services: Self Driving Taxi Cabs

Attention cab drivers, I have some bad news. Your days are numbered. In the not too distant future; automobiles, including cabs, will be driving themselves. Cabs will drive themselves, big rigs will drive themselves, street sweepers, buses, trains, you name it. The technology already exists, it’s only a matter of time before it comes to market. Automation is inevitable.

Cabs will likely be the first service cars to go driver-less. Passengers will get in the cab and input their destination into a touch screen monitor and the car will safely drive them there. The cab could even be ordered over the internet by said passengers and arrive on it’s own sans driver. Self-driving cabs will be safer, cheaper, less annoying, and won’t surreptitiously record your conversations. Call it driver-less taxis cabs or customer directed self-driving taxi cabs. Google was the first to pioneer and demonstrate this technology and already the big auto makers are well on their way to introducing self-driving cars to the market. Moore’s Law reigns supreme.