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Innovation@Kevita: Caffeinated Energy Kombucha Drink

So the other day at work I was feeling exceptionally tired and wanted a sweet and healthy iced energy beverage instead of the usual hot coffee I drink for my caffeine fix. Being a fan of kombucha I looked through the selection of kombucha at Whole Foods searching for a caffeinated kombucha energy drink. As a health conscious individual I do not drink energy drinks nor do I drink out of cans. Now I know that kombucha has a low level of caffeine in it from the tea, but I was hoping for a jolt similar to that provided by an energy drink.

Kevita makes my favorite kombucha on the market and is sweetened with the healthy sweetener Stevia. In doing my research for this blog post I found one product on the market that is similar to what I’m suggesting. Celestial Seasonings makes Kombucha Energy Shots that come in three flavors. What I had in mind and what I would prefer however, is a full sized 16 ounce caffeinated kombucha energy drink that satisfies my quench, my need for energy, my taste-buds, and my desire for a healthy alternative to Red Bull.