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Innovation@Drone Technology: Trespassing Deterrent Drone Swarms

As drone technology becomes more ubiquitous drone swarms will increasingly be called upon to carry out various tasks. One such use of drone swarms could be a trespassing deterrent system. Swarms of small airborne drones could meet and challenge intruders. The drones could be unarmed or armed with non-lethal measures such as pepper spray or possibly even tasers. Drone swarms could intercept trespassers, film their actions, and attempt to repel or disable said trespassers. Such systems would be useful in monitoring large areas of land too vast to secure with human supervision alone. Drone blimps tethered to the ground could provide real-time information that would alert the drones to the presence of any unauthorized visitors. In the event of an unauthorized visitor, drone swarms could then dispatched to challenge or simply observe the trespasser or trespassers. These drones could also be programmed to have varying degrees of autonomy depending on the needs of the user.

Drone swarms could be used to secure ranches, military installations, nature preserves, borders, estates, embassies, power plants, businesses, and private property in general. The exponential growth in computing power will make marketable drone swarm technology a reality in the very near future.

Innovations@Drone Makers: Tethered Surveilence Drones

Drone technology is here to stay and instead of thinking of new ways drones can be used to kill people we should be thinking of ways drones can be used to make our lives better. Consumer drone technology is in it’s infancy but is likely to be a huge growth industry. So here’s my idea for a drone that would satisfy the security needs of consumers all over the world:

A surveillance drone that could be tethered to a building or property which could remain in the air for months at a time. This kind of drone would likely be a drone blimp. The tether would insure the drone was not lost and that the drone did not veer to far off course. A surveillance drone blimp could fly in whatever desired circumference around said property and keep watch for trespassers and or vandals. Software would be able to identify unpermitted human incursion into the property being surveilled. The owner could then be notified by e-mail, text message, or phone call of any such incursion. A smart phone app could allow the user to view their property in real time from their computer, cell phone, or tablet. This product could prove invaluable to rural customers with a large amount of property.