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Innovation@Coconut Secret: Flavored And Sweetened Coconut Oil

Coconut Secret makes some of the best if not the best coconut products on the market today. They are leaders in the health food industry selling consumers healthy snacks sweetened with low glycemic sweeteners, coconut nectar and coconut sugar. Coconut Secret products can be found in Whole Foods and other natural food retailers throughout California.

Something that does not exist and that I would like to purchase myself would be raw flavored and sweetened coconut oil. Eating raw coconut oil is extremely beneficial to one’s health and is even publicly praised by super model Miranda Kerr. For a lot of people however, the taste of coconut oil is not very palatable. Flavored and sweetened coconut oil could make coconut oil appealing for a wider health conscious market. This coconut oil could be sweetened with coconut nectar. Key to keeping this raw flavored and sweetened coconut oil the healthiest coconut oil supplement on the market would be the use of BPA-free packaging.