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Innovations@Whole Foods: Mixed Vegetable Bundles

Juicing vegetables and making green smoothies is an increasingly popular way of getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies. When juicing you want to use a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables so as to consume a wide array of minerals and nutrients. It is inconvenient to have to buy multiple bundles of vegetables in order to give your juice a variety of fresh veggies. Of further inconvenience are the left over vegetables sitting in your refrigerator taking up space and losing freshness.

A bundle of assorted organic vegetables would allow you to make a fresh and varied veggie drink every day without the hassle of leftovers and loss of freshness.

Innovation@PlastiPure: Non-Toxic Disposable Coffee Lids

Every day millions of people drink scalding hot beverages through plastic disposable lids. Research indicates that drinking hot liquid through these plastic polystyrene lids will cause toxins to leech into the liquid being consumed and cause adverse side effects.

The world needs a disposable coffee cup lid that is non-carcinogenic and non-estrogenic.

Polystyrene is bad for your health