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Innovation@Google: Google Freeways

Imagine a world where high quality freeways were privately owned, operated, and free to use. Pie in the sky? Head in the clouds? How could it be done you ask? Look no further than The world’s greatest search engine at your fingertips and it doesn’t even cost you a dime. Not only is it free to use, but they want you to use it. By garnering high volumes of web traffic Google can sell advertising to businesses that want to reach Google’s users. So why can’t this business model be applied to billboards placed alongside heavily used freeways? Instead of financing freeways with sales taxes, gas taxes, income taxes, and petty traffic citations, why not fund them with advertisers that want to reach the millions of people who use freeways everyday?

It’s a win, win, win situation. Google wins because they can operate said freeways at a profit. Advertisers win because they can reach millions of people everyday. And most importantly drivers win because they can enjoy properly maintained freeways without bearing the burden of a high tax regimen.