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Notable Innovation: High Rise Window Washing Robots

Swiss company Serbot AG has developed a robot that can clean the windows of high rise buildings.

Innovation@Roboticists: Autonomous Gum Cleaning Robot

Sidewalk gum constitutes an eye sore common to virtually every city and town the world over. Cleaning gum is labor intensive, time consuming, monotonous, and menial. Aside from that, dispatching humans to clean gum off the streets and sidewalks of an entire city is unrealistic and infeasible. A fleet of autonomous robots could accomplish just that however.

I can envision these robots employing two strategies for cleaning gum off concrete and pavement. It’s primary cleaning mechanism could be located on it’s belly allowing it to drive on top of the gum and work it’s magic until the gum was completely removed. It could also utilize an arm that would enable it to reach any areas it was incapable of driving over. The Gumbot could be equipped with multiple cameras that would allow it’s activities and whereabouts to be remotely monitored.

This kind of innovative robot would likely be very appealing to municipalities and large public venues.