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Innovation@Annonymous: Wikipedia Of Armed Bureaucrats And Government Spooks

Revelations of illegal government snooping and surveilling of innocent American citizens have sent shock-waves across the nation. The collecting and databasing of the American people’s digital communications and search history by the NSA is reminiscent of a 1984 Stasi-style police state and is an affront to a free and lawful society.

So how can peaceful law-abiding citizens help bring about accountability to a seemingly criminal government entity that acts outside of the law? Well why not do to the government what the government does to us? Why not create a public Wikipedia style database the collects as much information as possible on all government spooks, law enforcement officials, armed bureaucrats, politicians, and the various other decision making officials? They’ve seen fit to create massive databases that store as much information as possible on the American people, so I say if they want know everything about us we should know something about them. Being that they chose their own career paths and fancy themselves as “public servants,” I say it’s the right of the people who pay their salaries to know everything about them that we can legally gather. And if they don’t like it they can get a job in the private sector. I think that’s fair.
PS: If you’re reading this and want to create such a website I have a brilliant URL name I can suggest.