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Innovation@InteraXon: Illuminated Pleasure Indicative Headband

Headband computing, while still in its infancy, is likely to become ubiquitous in the not too distant future. Headband computing may prove to be the precursor to brain-chip implants and conceivably will allow users to control their smart phones with their thoughts among other forthcoming applications.

Another conceivable application for headband computing would revolve around pleasures of the flesh. Imagine an illuminated headband computer that indicted moments of pleasure experienced by its wearer. Different degrees of illumination would signify different levels of pleasure. Intense moments of pleasure would be indicated by bright illumination of the headband. The changing levels of illumination would indicate to the user’s partner what actions the user enjoyed the most. This would be easier and perhaps even more enjoyable than vocalizing such information. To some this idea may sound absurd, ludicrous even. But I think an illuminated pleasure indicative headband would be a popular addition to the many adult toys already on the market.


Innovation@Memoto:24 Hour Personal Audio Video Recorder

Memoto is a new company that is on the cusp of releasing a revolutionary and innovative new product that takes pictures of your entire active day. They appropriately call it lifelogging. I suspect this product will be very popular with consumers when it is finally released.

I think the next step in this kind of small wearable technology will be a device that records audio and video of your entire day. Not only would this give users more latitude in lifelogging but it would also serve the practical purpose of video recording unexpected and perhaps unwanted events. Russia is known for it’s dashboard cameras that protect drivers from liability in accidents. A wearable video camera that recorded your entire day could serve the same purpose. As they say, the video doesn’t lie.

The greatest foreseeable objection would be privacy concerns. Now I’m all for privacy in your home and your digital communications but when you’re out in public there is no expectation of privacy. As technology gets cheaper and smaller, cameras will continue to proliferate. Such a wearable camera is inevitable, the only question is who will be the first to bring it to market?