Innovation@Infinity Jars: Light Proof Vacuum Sealable Glass Hermetic Jars

Light proof vacuum sealable glass hermetic jars. The ultimate food storage innovation that hasn’t been invented yet.

Storing food in hermetically sealed glass jars is the healthiest and one of the most effective ways to store food. Glass jars do not impart any flavors or leech any chemicals into food like many plastic containers do. Hermetic glass jars provide air tight storage that keeps food fresh whether it’s stored in the pantry, refrigerator, or the freezer.

While hermetically sealed glass jars offer the healthiest option for storing food they do not preserve food as long and as fresh as a vacuum seal will. Because vacuum seals expel all air within the given container, food stays fresher and lasts longer than with any other method of storing food. So why not combine the best of both worlds? Why not have the quality of glass with the efficacy of a vacuum seal. The lids could be designed with connectors so you could plug your jar into an easy to use vacuum seal.

Lastly, ultraviolet glass could be used to protect the jars’ contents from damaging light.

Hermetic Glass Jar