Innovation@The Internet: Public Figure Prediction Tracking

Public figures often make exaggerated and absurd predictions but rarely are they called on their unprescient predictions that fail to come to fruition. Recently I read an article detailing the rise and proliferation of “fact checking” websites. Well what about a prediction tracking website? Should we not hold the feet of fear mongers and blowhards to the fire? I can’t help but laugh when I reflect on Paul Krugman’s assertion that the internet would come and go with little consequence or Al Gore’s claim that there would be no Arctic ice by 2014. But how many people are aware of these foolish and laughable predictions? Political fact checking is in vogue these days and prediction tracking is the next logical extension of political fact checking.

A prediction tracking website could profile public figures and track their false predictions. Rather than letting failed predictions be forgotten and relegated to the dust bin of history they should be exposed and the credibility of those who made them should be impugned. If a public figure is going to attempt to sway public opinion by fear mongering they should be held accountable when their predictions fail to materialize. Let us resolve to never forget the baseless lies and fear mongering of those with an agenda.