Innovation@Whole Foods: Stepping Stool Grocery Shelves

Space is at a premium in most grocery stores and because of this product is often stocked on the top shelf where it is out of reach of shorter customers. Often times you will see these short customers step onto the bottom grocery shelf to gain the extra height needed to grab those items situated on the top shelves. This is an inevitable and unavoidable reality of the grocery industry, but it isn’t exactly safe nor is it always easy for these customers to reach high up items.

What if there was a simple solution to this everyday problem? What if the bottoms of grocery shelves had a built-in step that allowed customers to get an extra step up reaching for that out of reach item? Perhaps hand bars could also be built-in to provide customers a safe grip while climbing on the bottom step. Stepping stool grocery shelves would be innovative, simple, practical, and useful for both customers and employees.
Stepping Stool Grocery Shelf